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Garett's Musky Page           UPDATED:  4/25/2010


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Late October 2007. Garett caught one, then Larry almost caught it again.

October 2007. Garett holds yet another fish for the log.

October 2007. Chuck with his for the day.

New Boat to play with. 2007

Lunker, 40 inches.

39 inches - great looking fish.

41.5 inches - Summer 2007

The 'other' white meat. Northern Pike

Chunky and long, Go Gamecocks!

New Musky from this fall - 46.5 inches

New Musky from this fall - 46.5 inches

Canada trip Summer 2004

Can he lift the thing?  Actually, the strain is probably from the gash(es) on his fingers from the fishes teeth that forced him to leave for Minnesota and some American doctors.  Stitches were required.